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Lecturer: Sam Young
Supervisor: Apekshi Jayawardena


  • Introduction.
  • Section One: Secondary Research.
  • Section Two: Primary Research.
  • Section Three: Emphasis Changes.
  • Other Information.
  • Coming week plan.
  • Actual plan thus far (July 1st to July 29).


My research topic “Expectation vs. Reality: A study on International Student’s satisfaction and their settlement experiences at NMIT, Nelson, New Zealand” aims to look into the extent of study satisfaction and the settlement experiences among International Students at NMIT. Through this research, I aim to provide some insights to the NMIT management in addressing various issues that could help in improving student satisfaction.This topic is something that I really have interest to research and hence decided to continue with the same topic that I have chosen for Research Methods Course. In this Progress Report One, I have tried my best to include whatever I could, within the time frame. As I do not having any previous experience in conducting, most of the time were spent to read books and other journal articles to gain in depth knowledge about how to conduct research, Types of secondary data, How to find relevant articles for review. In regards to the primary research, more time is required to develop survey questions and hence not many details are included in this progress report, expect refining research objectives and aims as it takes the level of an Applied Management path.

Secondary Research

In my research secondary research can include secondary data, literature review and conceptual frame work.

Secondary data

Even if I had a basic understanding about what is secondary data from the Research Methods class and Applied Management class, it was necessary for me to know the relevant and credible sources that I can go through to collect secondary data. I have gone through certain e books, library guides about secondary research. Among which I felt the e book “Research Methods in Management” by Geoff Lancaster more useful. I have gained the following information from it that can be used as an introduction for the secondary data research section.

External secondary data will be selected from different categories as follows.

  • Published Secondary Sources

I can select secondary data from the following published sources related to International Students satisfaction and their Experiences.

  • Academic Books

  • Journal articles

  • Published Market reports

  • Directories and Indexes

  • Government publications

  • Reports from research bodies, professional bodies and trade associations

  • Company reports

  • Chamber of Commerce reports

  • Credible newspapers and press releases.

  • Syndicate Secondary data

This involves purchasing data from organizations that conduct surveys for Organizations. In my research, I will not be depending on syndicate secondary data.

  • Computerized Secondary databases

  • Bibliographic data bases

Through bibliographic data bases, I can access relevant citations and abstracts of articles in journals, newspaper research, and technical reports and so on. New Zealand Longitudinal business data base (LBD).

  • Numeric data bases

This includes relevant statistics and Numerical information relevant to the study. In my study, I can use relevant data from StatsNZ, Euro monitor, International Student Barometer etc.[ CITATION Geo05 \l 1033 ]

I have found two relevant secondary data that comes under numeric data base is shown below.

Source: International Student Barometer, 2015.

As per the results published by the International Barometer, Australia and New Zealand have better levels of student satisfaction with the learning environment for international postgraduates on research degrees than for those on taught degrees. But while considering the taught courses, UK backs the first place [ CITATION Min16 \l 1033 ]

Source: International Student Barometer, I-graduate (2015)
While comparing with the key competitors in Export Education among undergraduate students’ satisfaction, the UK has higher satisfaction rate. New Zealand backs fifth place pertaining to Overall ranking. New Zealand is recommended in fifth place for International Education [ CITATION Ros16 \l 1033 ]

Literature Review

Conducting a literature review is important for the research as it aims mainly to create a back ground for the research [ CITATION Dia \l 1033 ]

Thematic review is used for my research and it has already identified five main themes as explained in the literature review assignment. They are as follows.

“Trends in Export Education Sector
Impact of culture on student adjustment
International student’s experiences in New Zealand
Settlement experiences
Expectations and gaps in perception of International Education in New Zealand”.
But after spending some more time I have thought to replace settlement experiences with International student satisfaction and settlement experiences. Some articles related to this theme are discussed below.
A study that examined the student’s satisfaction mainly focused on factors such as “teachers’ expertise, courses offered, learning environment and classroom facilities”. A five point likert scale was the research instrument used. 350 students were selected from private and public sector universities. The results revealed that “teachers’ expertise, courses offered, learning environment and classroom facilities”. Teachers’ expertise was seen as the most important factor. Hence this attribute can be considered very important for Educational institutes while taking care of international students (Rahman and Butta, 2010)

The level of student satisfaction with the welfare services was determined at Imam Khomeini International University of Qazvin. Data was collected using a questionnaire comprising of 11 questions. Data was analyzed using SPSS software and Cronbach’s alpha index. The results indicate that students’ were dissatisfied with the welfare services and has recommended improving those services to improve student satisfaction (Motefakker, 2016).

A descriptive research that was conducted at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University that assessed international student’s satisfaction. The sample size was 29. Structured Questionnaire was used as the method of data collection. The study results shown that the students were dissatisfied with majority of the services. Particular attention was recommended to increase the student’s satisfaction (Nuamah, 2017).

An article that evaluated the extent of international student satisfaction with various dimensions such as “university experiences related to their arrival, living, learning, and support service experiences”. The study evaluated survey results collected by International Student Barometer from 45,000 degree-seeking, undergraduate international students at 96 different institutions in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States .The results four shown that students overall satisfaction were related to the overall university experience (Ammigan and Jones, 2018).

A paper that explored ten in depth interviews that measured the perceptions of Vietnamese international students about their studying and teaching Experience in Australia. The findings indicate that Vietnamese students struggle with language, assessment, and Western teaching and learning styles. The paper provides recommendation that student’s experiences are very important (Wearring, 2017).

Conceptual Frame Work

Conceptual frame work is used to define a back ground for the research. In my research, I plan to use the conceptual frame work of Kaeveney and Young, 1999. According to them, there are three dimensions such as faculty, advisory staff and classes that contribute to student’s college experience and finally student satisfaction.

The conceptual frame work is illustrated in the form of a diagram below. This can be applied after looking into the various articles pertaining to the research topic and can be developed with the later stages of research.

Primary Research

I chose to use survey for my research. Twenty questions, both open and close ended will be used. In this time frame, I have looked into various similar article questionnaires. The final questionnaire can only be made after analyzing the literature review and conceptual frame work. But after looking into the conceptual frame work, I have thought to ask questions from faculty, advisory staffs and class pattern.

Emphasis Change

Sample Size

I have thought to reduce the sample size to 50.

Certain changes to be made with the Research sub questions.

Research Sub questions

How far NMIT management succeeded in providing good support to International Students?

As this is only progress report 1 more changes to be expected in the coming weeks.

Other Information

I am conducting research for the first time and I had to spend lot of time to read and understand about the research process, its terminologies. As I was having so stressful days with Exam results and my health issues, Vacation and less time I was not able to get to know correct APA referencing. Also I was not able to concentrate fully on to it. Still I have tried my best to it.

Coming Weeks Plan



Due date


Narrowing down and elaborating research topic

Finalizing research aims, objectives and sub questions

Finding articles and completing two more themes for literature review

Finding out relevant data for secondary research

Writing down progress report 2

Apekshi Jayawardana


To be completed

To be completed

To be completed

To be completed

To be completed

Actual plan thus far (July 1st to July 29)



Due date


Read relevant books, journal articles to gain basic understanding about research.

Searching topics for research

Emailed Sam about continuing with the same topic of Research Methods

Met with Apekshi Jayawardana and discussed about the research topic

Searching relevant reviews for International student satisfaction Theme

Searching appropriate conceptual frame work

Searching secondary data

PR 1 submission



Sam Young

Apekshi Jayawardana





24, 27, 28, 29/07/18








To be completed

To be completed

To be completed

To be completed


Butta.Z.E, Rehman U.K (2010), A study examining the student’s satisfaction in higher education,

Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2(2), pp. 5446-5450, retrieved from:

Motefakker.N.(2016). The Study of the Level of Satisfaction of the Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences with Welfare Services of Imam Khomeini International University of Qazvin. Procedia Economics and Finance.(36).Retrieved from:

Nuamah, P. (2016).International Students’ Satisfaction: Assessing the Determinants of

Satisfaction.Higher Education for the Future .4(1) 44–59DOI: 10.1177/234763 116681213

Ammigan.R, Jones.E, (2018).Improving the Student Experience: Learning from a Comparative Study of International Student Satisfaction. The International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives .14(1).pp. 71-89. Retrieved from:

Wearring. A (2016). The international student’s experience: An exploratory study of students from Vietnam. Retrieved from:

Lancaster, G. (2005). Secondary Data Research . In G. Lancaster, Research Methods in Management (pp. 87-89). Oxford: Elseveir.
Lowe, R. (2016, June 2). International higher education in facts and figures. Retrieved July 29, 2018, from
Minsky, C. (2016, March 1). Where are international postgraduates most satisfied? Retrieved July 28, 2018, from
Redley, D. (n.d.). The Literature Review: A Step-by-Step Guide for Students. In D. Redley, Literature Review .

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    Фльми online. Фльми онлайн. Онлайн комед Давай танцюй! Рк: 2019 Крана: Украна Режисери: Олександр Березань Студя: Ай Ем Снема Жанр: драма, танц Премра (в Укран): .2019 Премра (у свт): .2019 Тривалсть: 110 хв Вков обмеження (рокв): 12 Дистрибютор: MMD UA Бокс-офс: 7 021 593 грн. Рейтинг IMDB: Рейтинг КНО-ТЕАТРВаша оцнка
    Порошенко також висловив надю, що Вселенський патрарх Варфоломй не зволкатиме з ршенням про проведення в Укран об’днавчого собору з створення дино помсно православно церкви,об’днана церква скоро отрима Томос про
    Суперкллер Джон Вк псля порушення кодексу тамницею гльд ассасинов отриму статус згоя – екскомьюнкадо. За його голову призначена цна в 14 мльйонв доларв,армя найжорстокших професйних убивць з усього свту вдкрива на нього криваве полювання Скорее всего Вы забыли активировать свою учетную запись по ссылке в письме, которое высылается при регистрации. Если Вы не производили активации – пожалуйста проверьте свою почту, указанную при регистрации и активируйте свою учетную запись. Если не вы получили письмо (проверьте предварительно папку СПАМ) отправьте пожалуйста с ящика на который Вы регистрируете свою учетную запись письмо с темой REGISTERFAIL и ваша учетная запись будет активирована.
    Серя 12 30.04.2019 Сезон 1 Новий директор з розвитку Втров Плаза. переглянуто. 00:46:59 За втриною Серя 11 30.04.2019 Сезон 1. переглянуто. 00:47:26. За втриною Серя 12 30.04.2019 Сезон 1. переглянуто. 00:47:05.
    Дивитися онлайн серал Джованн – 3 серя вд 21.05.2019. Комедйний серал Джованн серя 3 вже на сайт СТБ Не пропустть продовження комед Джованн серя 3 вд 21.05.2019 на телеканал СТБ! Сьогодн ви побачите, як син Сергя мучиться вд жахв через те, що може назавжди залишитися жити в Укран. Але його мати навть не уявля, на як манпуляц пде хлопчик заради можливост жити в вроп Краща подруга Ан, яка встигла розчаруватися в чоловкахвтомилася вд безнадйних побачень, зустрча чарвного хлопця. Але чи зможе вона не втратити цей шанс на нове життя?чи не доведеться Ан втрет за тиждень вислуховувати скиглення улюблено подружки?
    Джон Ук 3. John Wick: Chapter 3. 135. жанр: трилер, екшн, кримнал. вков обмеження: 16+. 10:00 – 5565 грн. 12:15 – 6070 грн. 19:25 – 7585 грн вков обмеження: 16+. 21:55 – 7585 грн. Онлайн бронювання квиткв – за телефонами. +38(045)63-52690. +38(098)4690270. Вартсть бронювання 5 гривень за один квиток. Бронювання зника за 20 хвилин до початку сеансу. Увага! Даний номер телефону призначений виключно для бронювання квиткв, а не надання.
    Головна Кно ProПрокат: Джон Укстаре добре ультранасилля. Телекритика щотижня розповда читачам про кноновинки вкенду. Подлитись:FacebookРозповсти друзям: TwitterРозповсти друзям Жон Уиксирота з Блорус та танцюрист балету, як розповв у свой реценз The Wrap. У будь-якому раз новоспеченому блорусу потрбно залишити Нью-Йорк якнайшвидше, адже за його голову призначена кругла сума. Клеру в його втеч допоможуть стар друз: рчки ультранасилля та Голл Берр Трейлер фльму пронизаний духом Гоморри Маттео Гарроне, також екранзац роману Роберто Савано. Поставив фльм про пранй Клаудо Джованезз, режисер двох епзодв серально верс Гоморри.
    Вдео телеканалу “Украна”: дивитися онлайн вс випуски програм, фльмисерали в хорошй якост. Офцйний сайт каналу недля, 12 травня, 22:23. Tc “Солона карамель” (3 серя). 44:48 недля, 12 травня, 22:22.
    Фльм Джон Ук 3в Кнотеатр MULTIPLEXКомфортн залиВигдн цни на квитки Джон Ук 3 Караван. 13:25 Джон Ук 3. нформаця про фльм. Вк: 16+. Старше 16 рокв. Оригнальна назва: John Wick 3: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Режисер: Чад Стахелськ.
    Welcome ForumsHelping students to reflectТ-34 2019 дивитися онлайн в хорошй якост l y t. This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by Jessiethymn 1 month ago. Viewing 1 post (of 1 total). Author. Posts Релевантн слова: фльм онлайн Т-34 фльми онлайн Т-34 2019 Т-34 дивитися онлайн 2019 Т-34 фльм дивитися онлайн Т-34 фльм 2019 онлайн фльм Т-34 дивитися онлайн фльм Т-34 дивитися онлайн в хорошй якост Т-34 дивитися онлайн hd дивитися Т-34 Т-34 дивитися онлайн 2019 трейлер. Також рекомендумо до перегляду : Т-34 2019 v q v Т-34 трейлер v m n кно Скло 2019 r c k фльми 2019 Скло a w n Полцейський з Рубльовки. Новорчний свавлля скачати торрент в хорошй якост w q b. . Author.
    Найбльш очкуван та крут фльми счня 2019 вже стартують у кнотеатрах! Порця анмацйного кно, перезапуск стрчки ‘1+1: Нова сторя’, новорчн комед та трилери – Радо МАКСИМУМ збрало найкращ фльми, як вийдуть на екрани у счн! Мер Поппнс повертаться. Оригнальна назва мовою фльму: Mary Poppins Returns Жанр: мюзикл, фентез, комедя Крана: США Режисер: Роб Маршалл У головних ролях: Емл Блант, Лн-Мануель Мранда, Бен Вшоу Тривалсть: 131 хв. Коли: з 3 счня. Лондон пд час кризи не щадить нкого,родину Майкла Бенкса також. Чоловк змушений тимчасово влаштуватись у банк, де ранше працювали його батько та ддусь.

    Релевантні слова:
    Джон Уік 3 КиноПоиск
    дивитися фiльм Джон Уік 3 без реєстрації
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    кіно Джон Уік 3
    кіно Джон Уік 3 2019 дивитися онлайн
    Джон Уік 3 2019

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