EED501/05 Research In Education
Tutor-marked Assignment 2 (Jan, 2019)
1. TMA 2 covers Unit 3 “ Qualitative Research “ and unit 4 Research Methodology :
Designs Instrumentation and Data Collection ”
2. Intensively going through the Units 3 and 4 and attending the tutorials will help in
answering TMA 2.
3. TMA 2 will contribute 40% towards the total grade
4. TMA 2 has two questions. Each question has different weightage of marks. You
should answer each of them with some explanations.
5. This is an individual assignment. So don’t attempt to duplicate others work.
6. Any plagiarism or collusion may result in disciplinary action, in addition to ZERO
mark being awarded.
7. You are to submit your answers online using the OAS system and it is your responsibility to
submit your TMA correctly and as per the deadline.
8. Please check on LMS for TMA deadline.
9. The length of your answer not to exceed about 10 pages, double-spaced, Times
New Roman, Font 12. For writing citation and references follow the APA style.
10. You are highly encouraged to passage your TMA to the Turnitin system before
submission, to encourage honest academic writing and it is not mandatory
except for Project course.
11. Before you submit your assignment to the Online Assignment Submission (OAS)
system, zip your TMA which should be in Microsoft Word format. You do not have to
attach your Turnitin similarity index report.
12. In the first page please provide details such as
 Your name,
 ID number and centre’s code,
 TMA number
 Tutors Name
 Date of submission.
Question 1
For the research problem you identified in TMA 1, discuss (70 marks)
a. The research methodology that you would use for the study (qualitative or
quantitative) with justification. (10 marks)
b. The research design you would use for your study, including instruments and
data collecting techniques. (20 marks)
c. The hypotheses that could be framed for the study (if the problem is
quantitative in nature) or objectives of the study (if the problem is qualitative
in nature). (20 marks)
d. The sample technique and sample size that you would like to include in your
study with justification. (20 marks )
Question 2
With examples discuss the possible internal and external threats to the validity of an
experimental design. (30 marks)