Task A: Design a staff lounge in a college which is having size of L=5.5 m x B=2.5 m and as shown in figure 1. Height of hall is 4 m, which is having the elements of the building like beams, slab and columns. Design calculation by using European code of practices, along with Structural detailing with Grade of concrete C (fck= 30) MPa and Steel (ƒyk=500 MPa) in RCC. Assume any other suitable data if necessary. Consider the Variable load as qk= 5 kN/m2, Unit weight of reinforced concrete as25kN/m3. Depthofbeamscouldbeequalto450mmandbreadthequalto250mmandcolumn dimension are Depth300×width250mm and thickness of slab could be considered as 200mm. Do the following:

  1. Make suitable analysis of the bay in order to calculate the load on slab, beams and then on columns. [10 marks]
  2. Design the slab as it is one-way. [10 marks]
  3. Make suitable calculations for reinforcement (bending + shear)

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Dream computer system

You have just been hired for your “dream job” at a local employer. Your boss has requested your input for the type of computer system you would like to have.

Using the Internet, search and develop your “dream computer system.” This can be a laptop or PC.
It should include the components discussed in this chapter including processor speed, keyboard, memory, RAM, internal and external hard drives, Graphic Card,

mouse, headset, monitor type and screen size, etc. It may be helpful to organize this information in a table for easier viewing.
You must justify your choice of components based on their strengths and weaknesses and why they are suited to your needs.
Include required brand names and suggested manufacturer costs.
Refer to the Unit 2 Reading and Unit 2 Discussion Board for select readings and You Tube™ videos on computer compon

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