key methods for overcoming the obstacles

Elaborate on three of the obstacles that must be overcome as a business moves up the CMMI model. Suggest key methods for overcoming the obstacles you have identified.

CAATTs can be helpful when dealing with immense amounts of data; however, developing a CAATT system can be time-consuming. Argue for or against the use of CAATT systems.

Identify the key elements of building an effective CAATT system. Elaborate on two challenges faced when designing an effective CAATT system and suggest possible solutions to these problems.

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Catalysis Corporation

Catalysis Corporation:

Outbound Freight Transport


NB: This case study has been based on true trading data but made anonymous to protect the identity of the company. For the purposes of this case study the focus is restricted on the outbound logistics of specialist silicas from the main UK site (North West – Manchester Area)

The Catalysis Corporation is a global chemical business producing speciality inorganic chemicals and operates over 60 manufacturing sites in 21 countries. Annual sales revenues are in excess of $1 billion.

Silica is produced in two manufacturing plants at the main UK site located in the North West. There is a wide range of Sto

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